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UzSWLU International Model United Nations 2018


|What: UzSWLU MUN 2018;

|When: 14-15-16th of December, 2018;

|Where: Uzbekistan State World Languages University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan;

UzSWLU MUN is a new diplomatic event offering fresh ideas and enhancement of diplomatic skills of the youth. It is held to acquire the attitude of the youth towards Sustainable Development Goals and inspire them to contribute to the global development.

UzSWLU is aiming to guide youth engagement in the MUN Conference, particularly with regards to the implementation, follow-up, review and solution seeking against global obstacles that are threatening the life of the global population.

By being of this event you will have a chance to witness the new semblance of Uzbekistan that is made up of modern and historical shades.

In addition, participants of UzSWLU MUN will have opportunities to learn and better their erudition regarding the most acute world problems, to improve public speaking skills, problem solving skills, to negotiate and of course to make new friends.


1.General Assembly- English, 50 delegates, 3 DAIS;

Agenda: The role of Model United Nations in raising awareness on climate change and developing civil social responsibility among youth

2. ECOSOC - English, 40 delegates, 3 DAIS;

Agenda:The impact of economic sanctions on vulnerable populations

3. United Nations Security Council- English, 15 delegates, 3 DAIS;

Agenda: The Role of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations in Addressing Local Conflicts

4. UN Women- English, 40 delegates, 3 DAIS;

Agenda: Supporting the involvement of Women in governance and decision-making.

5. UNESCO- Russian, 35 delegates, 3 DAIS;

Agenda: Education 2030: Equity and quality with a lifelong learning perspective

6. UNICEF- English, 35 delegates, 3 DAIS;

Agenda: Advancing the Rights of Children, Women and Poor Families through Better Public Finance Policies

Level Up in Model UN:

• “LAGEL” Diplomatic Ball;

• “BOOM” Social Party;

• Home sharing with fellow delegates;

• Individual approach to each participant;

• First applied, first accepted;

• A continuation of “Union V” conference;

• A direct ticket to participate in “Union X” conference on February;

• Agents of UzSWLU MUN 2018 (Global Ambassadors);


Participation Fee:

Participation fee for local delegates costs 99.000 soums

Participation fee for international delegates costs 50 USD

Participation Fee package includes:

-Accommodation during conference dates

-Coffee break and lunch during each conference dates

- Particapants tool kits: Badges, Notebook, Pen, Closed folder, Bags


-Direct participation in “LAGEL” Diplomatic Ball and “BOOM” Social Party

-Tour around magnificent Tashkent

When you get the message of your acceptance to the conference, you will be having 5 days to finalize the payment and become the Delegate of the conference. When you make the payment, please send the proof of payment to the following Telegram account: +998901323506

Payments are only accepted via online transfer via Click or Payme to the following card:

8600 3329 7064 9590 (Card holder: Dilshoda Xudoynazarova)

Agents of UZSWLU MUN 2018

If you have the strong networking connections within your community, become the agent of UZSWLU MUN 2018 and achieve 100% of discount to participate in the event. Share your referral code and get 5% discount for each registered and accepted local delegate; 10% discount for each registered and accepted international delegate. In order to become the agent, contact via Telegram number: +998901323506 or via email: agent.uzswlumun@gmail.com

Not the biggest in the world, but the best one! Level up in Model United Nations history! Register now!

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Registration form for International Delegates:


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